Favorite Sites

One of my favorite websites that isn’t a blogging site is ESPN because it gives people the most recent updates in the sports world. I am a huge sports fan so ESPN is a site to me that is on the favorite toolbar on my computer and is a must to go on multiple times a day. ESPN has about every sport that is played throughout the world and has everything to know about what is happening for a specific sport or team. It is well organized on the site and you can easily accesses whatever team or sport you want information about just with a couple of clicks.


My favorite site that has blogging in with it is TMZ. This site/blog has all the entertainment information you want. It has all the celebrity information you need and it also has different types of categories in the entertainment industry too. It gives the readers updates on what their favorite celebrity is up too or has done anything good or bad in todays world. It is well organized and easy accessible to anyone who wants to find information on this site.


One of my favorite brand sites is under armour because its more of just a shopping site it really brings the viewers into the Under Armour family. It makes you want to look throughout the site because of all the sayings they have with each type of gear they produce. Under Armour is well organized and clean throughout the site and attracts all people through all sports or living lifestyle. Under Armour is a great brand site that demonstrates why they are top of the list in the brand industry.


An App that has a great experience is Instagram because it lets you post pictures of whatever you want and lets others see it. Instagram is very easy because it lets people customize their pictures with tools they present and make their pictures even better and attract more people to their photos. Instagram is a great experience because you can basically advertise things through pictures and people can easily like it or not and it can spread throughout the world quickly. Instagram is very easy, quick to accesses, and free so its a great app to have.


A site that is used for specific task is Paypal. Paypal is a place where you can have an account to pay for things on the go. It is a great site to have for personal reasons and business reasons because if you need to pay for something really quick online without dealing with signing up on that specific website email list and stuff, you can just put you Paypal account number. You can also pay people by sending them money over Paypal very easily and quickly. So Paypal is a great site to do something specific or have to get money to somewhere.



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