Experiences are the foundation of all life events and form the core of what interactive media has to offer. To have experiences you have to find the boundaries of and they help make us differentiate the meaning, pacing, or competition. If you are confused think about experiences as reoccurring attraction. The attraction initiates the experience. It can be cognitive, visual, or auditory. For example filling out your taxes is based on a need. Then there is the engagement. The engagement is the experience itself. The engagement needs to be different from the surrounding environment of the experience to hold the attention. Then lastly there is the conclusion which is there to provide the resolution. This can be told through the meaning of a story or context or an activity to make it more enjoyable.

Information data is just data transformed into something valuable by building context around it so people will understand it better. This is a continuum from data and a somewhat raw ingredient to Wisdom. It is an ever increasing value chain of understanding. Insight is what is created when we add context to our data and give care to the presentation of it. When insight increases it also pushes communications up higher to the understanding chain.

Organization can change the way you understand the data. Presentation can affect the knowledge people get from the experience they have. In data organization is an important process because it can only be within a few principles. Magnitude, time, numbers, alphabet, category, location and randomness are all the principles of data. Magnitude, time, number and alphabet are all the sequence which people can use to organize things based on the data given. Category and location are important because the data can be oriented. Randomness is the lack of organization.

Some experiences allow people to communicate with each other and it can be rewarding in many of ways. There are also many different types of ways for people to communicate there experiences. Some of them are monologues, conversations, speeches, presentations, arguments etc… When people use machines to share there experiences it cuts down on the value people can get from the other persons experience. So when people share them personally speaking wise it gets more value out of it and its a better communication understanding.

Participation is a key component to a successful experience. Participation makes an experience more meaningful because it tapes into the people desirers to be creative and it makes people communicate better. Most of all experiences couldn’t survive or even exist if there was no audience. Also story telling is a huge factor in experiences. There are two important factors of story telling, one is authentic and the second one is relevant. This is to make the audience more engaged into the story and the storyteller because then it will bring the audience into it and make it better. Storytelling is the oldest but most power experiences still to this day.


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