USA Today and Vox

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.40.21 AM  vox-com-videos

Are these sites journalism?

USA today is journalism because it displays tops stories and the authors get paid to produce the stories. They also have an opinion page too. They have different categories throughout there website. On the home page there is one main story and other top stories on the side, which people can read up on. Vox is some what of journalism because it produces serious stories and events around the world with editors making sure that it is reliable, but it also links there information they get to different sites.

How do they allow readers to comment?

USA today allows you to have your input on stories or add your own materials by signing up with an account. They allow you to post links to your social media. Vox doesn’t allow you to comment or have any input on their website, but you can email them or share their stories with social media but clicking on the links they have at the top of each story.

How do they source their information?

USA today sources are all primary sources. So the writers go out and get the information themselves instead of looking for secondary sources to rely on. Vox sources all their information on where they find it on the web. Some of their information they got was from Wikipedia and others from just goggling it and finding the best website that has their information for their story. They hyperlink all their sources.

What is their writing styles?

USA today is well written and straightforward and it also has other stories in the middle of the writing relating to the topic of the story to proved more information about the topic.Vox is styled with a lot more visuals and highlighted words to really get the picture across to the readers. It is long form but pretty straightforward.

Are these sites credible and reliable?

USA today is the fifth most viewed source to get information and that means people are going back to it to get their information daily. Their reporters establish credibility because they have so many but they have them for specific topics.The editors for Vox are all listed at the bottom of the page and if you click on their picture it shows their credentials.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.15.48 PM

How do they make money?

USA today makes money by buying a subscription and advertisements. The Ads are everywhere on the site for example above there is a Jeep ad. Depending on which category you are on depends on what ads will pop up on the side.Vox is sponsored by Land Rover so they make money off that. There are ads usually on the home page and depends on really what you have looked up on the web recently. The picture below shows an amazon ad on Vox trying to get people to click on it to go on amazon.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.17.37 PM

How are they updated?

USA today is updated all the time depending on the story, so it can be updated every second, minute, and hours.Vox is updated the same way.

How is multimedia used?

Multimedia is used throughout USA today with many of visuals, and different graphics depending on what the story is about. They use the graphics to help the readers understand the story better.Multimedia is used the same way in Vox because they use lots of graphs, pictures, and videos to help the readers understand what they are trying to say.

Best thing and worst thing about these sites?

The best thing about USA Today is that there are so many categories and you can get basically all the information you want in this one site because its so trust worthy. The least thing we liked about it was how you have to subscribe to it.Our favorite thing about Vox is how they display each story with great graphics to really draw you in to read them. The least favorite thing is how it is organized because they have many stories listed but not well organized on the homepage.


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