Blogging Brands

In todays world there are many different types of ways to advertise on blogs to make money and to get peoples attention. Businesses arounds the world use blogs to improve their relationship and communication with their customers. Bloggers have to make money some how and one of the ways is by businesses putting ads on people blogs. Most of the popular blogs that get advertisements are commercial. Bloggers make half a billion US dollars from companies that have advertisements systems for bloggers. When thinking about how much of the money companies pay the bloggers, you kinda think about 80/20, but according to Technorati’s rankings the top 15 per cent make 90% of the money.


Bloggers who can make a living off their blogs probably have a strong reputation and strong brand they built up because advertisements want to have ads on their blogs. One of the first companies to make enough money for individual bloggers to live off their blogs was Most of the ads that are on blogs are contextual ads, where the bloggers and advertisement aren’t match up in a specific sense. The most popular blogs that have the most ads on them is blogs about gadgets, and technology. Most of all the commercial blogs that are in the top one hundred are thorough and serious. For example Darren Rowse’s Digital Photography Blog. Don’t get me wrong a lot of the top blogs are humorous too. Bloggers have a wide range of ways to make their money but the best ones blog about specific things and thats where the advertisements post their ads too.

Another way for bloggers to make money is called Micropatronage. It is when a blogger asked people for donations for his writing. Jason Kottke did this on February 22, 2005 and he made enough money to survive for a year. He made about 39,900 from people reading his stuff and just giving him money for all his work. He claims that his writing is time consuming and he wanted to see if people could blog without having to deal with advertisements. There is also sponsored post, when bloggers are recruited to post information for a company and they pay them for their work. A group of 15 bloggers were recruited by Marqui, a company that made content management, and they wanted the bloggers to post weekly and link their company to their post. The company paid them 800 a month. Many of the bloggers hated the pay and quit after three months.

The last two ways for bloggers to make money by advertisements is corporate blogs and engaged blogs. Corporate blogs are when businesses, mainly small ones, blog to boost their income stream to generate new attention for their products and services. They want to do this to change things up a bit so its not the same old things all the time and they think if they blog or get their products and services out there in a different way it will bring them more customers and more money. The most popular corporate blogs come from small businesses like I said because readers get to figure out who they are dealing with by reading about who runs these businesses and what they are about. Now engaged bloggers attract readers by setting up projects for their readers to do and that brings more readers and more money to the bloggers.

To be successful in the blogging business in my opinion, you have to develop a trust worthy relationship with your readers and produce things that attract them to come back again and again. You also have to have advertisements to make money because if you ever see a blog post with out advertisements, then you can tell that person isn’t doing this for a living which is fine, but if you are then to make the money, you need the ads. Ads are taking over the blogging industry which is fine because they bring in the money for you.


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