Questions answered

When answering the question, what is more important these days being entertained or informed and what do people gravitate towards? I first think of myself and see what I believe is more important and then I look at people around me and see what they have to say. I feel that people want a mix of both entertainment and being informed for many of reasons. First people don’t want to just sit or read something boring that just goes right to facts, people want pictures, videos, or other things that will make them more engaged in the situation that is being presented. One example of a mix of both of these things is Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed was first invented to just allow people to post whatever they want such as funny pictures or writings, but now people post news and other information in ways that can inform people and also give them entertainment while reading it. If people are entertained and informed at the same time it will make them retain the information they are getting way better than just being told in a boring old fashion way with nothing around it.

What will advertising look like in the future? Well even though that is a very tough question to actually answer, we can still make predictions and see what path we are heading towards with advertising. When we look at advertising now its more about the product then the consumers, but they are starting to make a shift with it and start making it more about the consumer and less about the product to engage the people. If we stick to the path we are heading on, advertising will see companies have less income but send more content out there on social media. With the new technologies being invented all the time, social media will be the core advertising factor in the future because people these days just sit on social media and rarely watch the news or anything that will have advertising on it other than their social media sites. We can already see that advertising is heading towards social media because if you watch the Super Bowl commercials especially the Budweiser one, at the end it had #bestbuds. Now people will go on twitter or other social media sites and see that hashtag and will see that it was meant for Budweiser. So advertising in the future will be mainly distributed through the social media sites and advertisers connecting the consumers more than their products.


The connection between news and globalization is very simple and that is technology. With all the new technology being created mass media can connect news around the world so people will be informed on whats happening. Without the new technologies being developed all the times news and globalization wouldn’t happen because for us to have any idea of whats happening around the world we need the technologies to help the mass media produce the news so we can stay in touch with other countries.

When watching the Colbret Report for the first time it looked like a legit news channel producing quality information to its consumers. Then when watching it and listening to Stephen Colbret, I knew the information he was saying wasn’t all-true. So when asked if the Colbret Report is journalism? I feel like it isn’t because even though he talks about real like political stuff, he still is just making a joke about it and not taking it serious or producing truth or factual information like a real journalist does. This is pure entertainment to get you to think that news can be put in a funny way too.


Buzzfeed was originally created to be a social media site to post whatever you want for entertainment or serious things. Now people are getting their news from other peoples post and its been a hit ever since. Some people might not like this, but others really like this because it’s the mix everyone wants which has entertainment and factual material being posted everyday all day. People want a mix of both things and that’s what our future will be and so answering the question is Buzzfeed hurting or helping the news? I feel like it is helping in a great way because it changes things up from the old ways, but you have to be careful about what is creditable or what is not. It is not like these other sites like TMZ which just does straight entertainment with some facts that might not be true, but Buzzfeed has both entertainment and real news that can inform people in many of ways. a-mcgev-buzzfeed


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