Making stuff Viral

Emerson Spartz a young entrepreneur is trying to change the world and also trying to make millions while doing it. Spartz at the age of twelve built a site called MuggleNet which was very popular with Harry Potter fans. He then started building rudimentary websites, but a lot of them didn’t make it and some did. Later when the internet started to fall in love with “FAILS” Spartz decided to make a website that people could post mistakes. Spartz let his site languish.

Sparta wants to change the world by making things go viral. He thinks by making things go viral you have to make everything large and how you promote it and package it. On most of his sites he places huge pictures or has large buttons on the top of his websites and at the bottom. Spartz says, “The internet has created a huge megaphone, Thats great, but it often creates so much noise that the people on the receiving end can’t hear anything” I feel what he is saying here is that there is so much information that is passed through the internet that people might not get to see some because there is so much to comprehend. He is very passionate about making things go viral. He thinks that, ” That the ability to make things go viral felt like the closest that we could get to having human superpower.” He thinks this because if you could make things go viral then you could possibly start a movements, or revolutionize industries. One of his examples of making something go viral was the Kony 2012. He said that all the long videos and films on this didn’t execute the main goal because Kony is still out there with his large army. He said if he were to do it and make it go even more viral to get more people involved and more engaged in it, he would have made a short video like three minutes and also post a few images or story lines that would have a lot of emotion towards it to bring it to more peoples attention.

Spartz created a site called Dose which post simple pictures and videos of really anything. The purpose is to attract people, mostly younger people and keep them on there a long time so they look at the videos and pictures, but also look at the ads too. The ads are what make the money on the sites and Spartz says there can be ten on a page and that he is trying to develop a traffic boosting software that he can sell to producers and advertisers.

Spartz is always thinking of ways the change the world because thats the way he was brought up. He calls himself the Viral man sometimes and is always thinking of  ways to create new headlines or websites to have his so called superpower come true and make things go viral so he can start a movement. He also is doing this because he thinks that the internet and media is heading is this type of direction of things needing to be put out there in bigger and better ways so people can stay in touch with whats happening in the world and actually stage engaged with it.


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