Blogs and Networks connect

Bloggers are people who write to the world expecting people to read and enjoy their post. Blogs are a social genre that supports a network of small audiences and many producers. The software built to support these types of networks of social interaction is called social software. A social network is centered on a single server and an example of it is Facebook because all users have profiles on the same domain. WordPress is also a social network because you can link to other bloggers. Blogs is a free form of social software because they run on their author’s own domains.

The social network theory was argued through Granovetter because he was interested in how ideas are spread through communities. He thinks that weak ties are more important than strong ties between individuals. He thinks weak ties bridges between social groups. Blogs are there to share people’s ideas and bring in thoughts that you think are interesting and others might like as well. One example of a blog that can also connect people is a fashion blog. Social networks are there also to connect things that are in your life like family trees, but really to connect information to other people. The power law for a blogger is that if a blog has power it will get more power because if you have a lot of links to your blog you will get more followers for your blog.

Blogs will never get old because of the technology that is distributed for communication for blogs. First bloggers old post might be pushed down and down his or her page, but people can always go back to it or comment on it even if it has been a couple of months or a year. Search engines allow bloggers to track conversations between blogs so that they can see if someone commented back or whatever. Also bloggers can have a blog roll that allows them to follow anyone else’s blogs that they think is interesting so they can get ideas comment or even get some feed back from other bloggers.

There are other social networks out there that can take away from people blogging but in reality these other sites have blogging in them. Such as Facebook has some aspects of blogging in it because every time you write something on Facebook or join something your expressing what you are doing and that has some aspects of blogging in it. The problem with social networks such as blogs or a site like Facebook is that whatever you write in it, it will be recorded there for a very long time. People in the future will go back and look at old post of yours or photos of yours and see what you are like as a person and those can hurt you or help you in life. Now that these networks are just getting better by remembering things that you like by just clicking on something will soon get even more crazier because technology in the future will get better through time. These networks will organize your life for you just because your connected to the social network that will basically have your life story in a couple more years.


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