In this post about Evan Williams new idea to create the future of the media, He talks about his new site called Medium. Williams created this to write long term content that is making some noise and getting lots of views and also making front page headlines. He created this to have readers read this long content of material like its their daily drug fix. Williams knows that there is going to be crap posted on medium and he trying to change that, but without the crap then there isn’t an internet and no media. So he wants people to post on Medium what they think is interesting to them so they can write a lot and other people might be interested in it as well. He just wants people to write and not worry about the platform of the blog and just be everyones one truly viral idea.

Williams made Medium like Pandora as in when people read your blogs it shows how long they were on it for instead of page views. Williams also goes on to talks about how his business was going to make money, and he goes on to say that web people don’t think about money first because they love the web and money will come second or third in there minds.  He thinks that people will be in a better place with Medium and sharing their long ideas so it can get attention and be spread throughout the media world because he really thinks there is a business in Medium.


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