Google messing with our Heads

Is Google Making Us Stupid? Nicholas Carr discusses how the internet as a whole is making us do less work which is effecting us in the long run. Back in the 70s and 80s to find information people have to look through books and go to libraries which would take them days to find everything, but now all people have to do is click on the internet and type in what they want to know and it pops up in seconds. Now people don’t even read books as much because of the internet and all the information they can find takes quicker than actually reading a whole book. So people are losing focus on reading long post, articles, or books because the internet can just give you the information in seconds in a shorter an faster way. Researchers have done studies about how people usually only read a max of two pages and then start skimming or skipping to other pages of their read because they don’t want to deal with long information anymore.

The net is becoming the universal medium for peoples because it provides us with most of all our information that we put into our heads. Now that we read short and quick, it makes it harder for us to read the long passages and articles because were so used to the internet giving us short and quick information for us to put into our brains. Carr is expressing how the digital media or google is effecting his way of life in regards to reading and learning in todays world.


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